We keep it simple and try to avoid any gimmicks in our pricing. 

We offer three products, each designed to fit different needs. It's free to create an account and preview your documents and there's a one-time fee to purchase your documents: 

Every purchase includes a year of unlimited updates or you can subscribe for unlimited updates at any time for a small annual fee, just $10 for the Will or $100 for the Trust. 

Why do we keep the prices low? Our mission is to help everybody leave a legacy. This means high-tech customer support, top-tier attorneys constantly researching state-specific law changes, in-depth security measures for your data, and the ability to help you throughout your lifetime as you experience life events. 

We believe our service is incredibly affordable, but we also firmly believe everybody should be able to protect their legacy and have peace of mind without money being an issue. 

If price is ever a concern or holdup, please send me an email, daniel@trustandwill.com and we can work something out. 

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