Trust & Will firmly believe in supporting charities, and we want to empower all of our users to give to charities they are passionate about. Trust & Will has taken the pledge to commit 1% of our profits to causes our users care about.

Can I give to a charity in Trust & Will?

Our site makes it easy to designate a gift to a charity of your choosing. You simply need to identify the charitable organization, provide the charity’s EIN or taxpayer identification number if known, and decide how much you want to give. 

Do I have to give to a charity?

We also recognize charitable giving is a personal decision and is not right for everyone. There is no pressure and no obligation to donate -- the decision is absolutely yours. 

Which charities can I give to?

Through Trust & Will, you may give to any 501(c)(3) organization. If you are having trouble deciding what charities to support, it may be helpful to think about some causes you are passionate about. 

Some example categories:

  • Animal welfare
  • Access to clean water
  • Hunger relief
  • Housing support for the homeless
  • Social welfare
  • Public good
  • etc.

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