Yes! And we highly recommend keeping your Will and estate plan up to date. 

On Trust & Will, you can easily come back and make changes to your documents. 

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Make changes in whatever section
  3. Re-print or re-order your documents
  4. Repeat the execution process

Do I need to sign the new documents again?

Yes. The revised documents that you create will need to be re-executed to make them valid. Just as with executing the original Will, the requirements vary by state but generally require the document be printed, signed by the person making the Will, and signed by the witnesses to the Will. Notarization may also be required in some states.

What should I do with my old Will?

Destroying any previous version of your Will may help avoid any confusion with your family or loved ones. Generally, executing a new or updated Will automatically revokes any previous Will, but destroying a previous version leaves no doubts and avoids any confusion over having multiple versions.

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