(This section was mostly written by our lawyers)

Short answer: We are not lawyers, and depending on your circumstance (the more complicated the more likely), you may need to consult an attorney.

Now for the long answers...

Are you lawyers?

We are not lawyers, we are not a law firm, and we are not a substitute for a lawyer or a law firm. We cannot give legal advice, guidance, or services. No attorney-client relationship is formed by any interactions with us and information provided to us is not protected by attorney-client privilege. 

What are you?

We provide access to “fill-in” forms and software you use to create estate planning document. Our software was built with the input from some incredibly talented lawyers, and we strive to build the best software in the business to assist you.

Who is responsible for the documents?

You are ultimately responsible for reviewing the documents you create and verifying the information in the documents is correct.  

We do not evaluate your needs or provide any advice on whether the documents we offer are appropriate for you. The documents you create may have tax and legal consequences.

You are responsible for determining if you should consult an attorney to review your documents and/or prepare your estate plan. You are also responsible for reviewing your documents and determining whether you need to update or create new documents due to changes in life circumstances, changes in laws, or any other reason. 

Are your forms updated?

While we make efforts to keep our forms updated and compliant with all applicable laws, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, validity, or enforceability of the documents you create through our site.

What about Judicial Review?

Some of the decisions you make related to your estate plan are subject to judicial review and approval. There is no certainty that the court will approve your decisions and/or appoint any individuals to the positions for which they are nominated. 

Do you review the documents?

Every document goes through an error review process designed to ensure that the documents generate correctly with the information you provide. We do not evaluate the information you input, the decisions you make, or how well the documents create may suit your needs. 

What about the FAQ?

Any FAQs or other information we provide is of general and educational nature and is not intended to inform you of any rights or responsibilities that you may have.

Do I need a lawyer?

An estate plan can be created without the assistance of a lawyer.

However, a lawyer may be able to provide personalized advice and more sophisticated services that may be appropriate to your circumstances.  A lawyer may also be able to provide advice that is tailored to your specific needs or provide guidance beyond the creation of estate planning documents, including guidance related to tax planning, financial planning, and coordination of life insurance or retirement plan beneficiaries. 

The forms offered through our site are designed to accommodate most needs of most users.

However, documents created through our site may not be appropriate for everyone. A lawyer can advise whether the documents you create are appropriate for your circumstances.

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