Sure! We see people do this quite often, and we even created a shared account for married couples wishing to speed the process along. Shared accounts are a great solution for married couples who share finances. If you have a pre-nup, discrete finances, or a variety of other reasons—you may want to create an individual account.

The person for whom the Will is created (the "Testator") will need to review and approve the document and execute the Will in the required way. Creating a Will for someone else may make this process faster, but ultimately the Testator must execute the Will to make it valid.

How do I create a Will for somebody else?

Shared Spouse Account
If you are creating a Will for your spouse and want to use a shared experience to save time, choose "me and my spouse" in the signup. 

Non-Shared Individual Account
If you are creating a Will and don't want to use the shared experience or you are creating a Will for somebody else, choose "just me" in the signup. Each person for whom a Will is created (the "Testator") will need a separate account. Remember, if you are creating a Will for someone else, the information is relative to the Testator—if you create a Will for your parents, list you and your siblings as children. 

ALWAYS have the person review the Will
Once you have entered all information for the Testator, give the Testator an opportunity to review the Will and confirm it correctly states their decisions and desires. The Testator will then need to execute the Will as detailed on the instructions page provided with the Will.

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