Everyone should have a Will and an online Will helps fill that need by making it accessible, affordable, and simple to complete. We've built technology and paired it with amazing customer support to help you complete your Estate Plan.

An online Will can be easier and more affordable than an attorney. We also have Online Trusts to consider, if a Will isn't a good fit. Some people, usually with >$8M in assets, tend to find a local attorney can help with taxes and complexity of their estate. We definitely understand when we aren't the vest fit and our support team is led by an attorney who is happy to help you make the right decision.

When is an online Will not a good fit?

This is a great question! First, if you aren't sure if we are a fit, we would love to chat with you at any time! We work our butts off to make sure every member of Trust & Will finds the right solution. You can see what our customers have to say through their TrustPilot reviews here (we send this to all of our members).

As to the question—in general, a Will isn't the "complete" estate planning solution for a lot of people in the U.S. Specifically, business owners, homeowners, and anybody with more than ~$160k of assets tend to set up a Trust-based plan.

More details:

If you are above the Probate Threshold, or you want to be specific about when your children receive gifts (age-based distributions) you should consider setting up a Trust-Based Estate Plan. We've made this process super easy and affordable to also set up a Trust. Check out our Trust-Based Estate Plans, which are $399 as an individual or $499 as a couple.

If you are above the Inheritance Tax threshold (In 2019 the federal level was $11.4M as an individual and $22.8M as a married couple), you should most-likely seek the help of an attorney.

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