There are many reasons you may consider leaving a child out of your estate plan. 

Maybe you have made other provision, like making one child the beneficiary of your life insurance plan. Maybe you don’t have a relationship with a child or don’t want to leave assets to your children that would discourage them from pursuing their own productive careers. 

Whatever the reason, you may choose to disinherit a child from your Will.  However, some states limit the ability to disinherit children under a certain age.  

Within the Trust & Will application, you may choose to disinherit a child or to include a child. The default in our application is to have all children are included in the Will, but you may choose to disinherit someone by selecting that option.

_If you have specific questions about disinheriting someone or your options for ensuring your decisions are enforceable, you may want to consider consulting a qualified attorney that is licensed to practice in your state.
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