Simply put, a Will is a written document that provides requests and instructions for what to do with your estate—assets, social media, crypto, etc—after you've passed away.

Your Will can handle several important functions:

Your Will nominates an Executor who will be responsible for administering your estate and carrying out the provisions of your Will.

Your Will may nominate a Guardian for your minor children, ensuring that your children will be in safe and trusted hands.

Your Will may specify your Final Arrangements, including your preferences for the disposition of your remains, whether you want any funeral, ceremony, burial at sea, and/or any other details you feel are important.

Your Will may make specific gifts to individuals, giving you an opportunity to show your love to friends and family.

Your Will may make a gift to charity, allowing you to help support a cause of your choosing.

Every state has its own rules and laws about what happens with and without a Will. We've built our software to be flexible and specific throughout the states we operate by working closely with experts who specialize in state-specific estate planning laws.

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