What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a collection of one or more documents that give instructions related to your death and your desires for your kids and pets, the disposition of your estate, and your final arrangements. 

What documents are part of an Estate Plan?

An estate plan can come in various forms. Most estate plans involve one key document and may involve other supporting documents. 

A key document may be a Will, a trust, or a guardian designation.

Supporting documents may include a Living Will, Power of Attorney, and a HIPAA Authorization.

We offer three different plan types, designed to fit different needs:

Guardian: designate guardians for your children. Learn more about Guardian

Will: designate guardians for children and pets and choose what happens to your assets. Learn more about Wills

Trust: avoid probate with a comprehensive plan to protect and transfer your assets, in addition to designating guardians for your children and pets. Learn more about Trusts

Who should have an Estate Plan?

Everyone should have an estate plan. We make it easy and affordable to choose a plan that is best for your needs.

Estate planning is not limited to the ultra wealthy and there is no reason to delay creating an estate plan just because you are young. 

Why have an Estate Plan?

The fundamental purposes of estate planning relate to the decisions that apply to nearly everyone, regardless of wealth or assets. Many of these are critical decisions that should be made by everyone, regardless of wealth levels.

You can choose what you need:

direct the disposition of assets after your death, including making gifts to show your love, affection, or support to certain individuals and charities

nominate guardians for your children and/or pets

name the individuals to represent you if you are unable to do so yourself

create at trust to bypass probate and transfer assets during life and after death

You can learn more about the options and decide what's best for you by comparing our products.

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