An Estate Plan is a collection of one or more documents that give instructions related to your passing, as well as your desires for children and pets, the disposition of your estate, and your final arrangements. 


What documents are part of an Estate Plan?

An Estate Plan can come in many forms. Most Estate Plans involve one key document, and usually include other supporting documents. 

  • A key document may be a Will, a Trust, or a Guardian designation.
  • Supporting documents may include a Living Will, Power of Attorney, and a HIPAA Authorization.

We offer 2 different plan types, designed to fit different needs:

  • Will - based Estate Plan
    Designate Guardians for children and pets, choose what happens to your assets, and specify final arrangements. Learn more
  • Trust - based Estate Plan
    Avoid probate with a comprehensive plan to protect and transfer your assets, in addition to designating Guardians for your children and pets, specifying final arrangements, and more. Learn more


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