Leaving a specific gift in your Will is a great idea! Think of something you own that has specific sentimental or monetary value that you'd like somebody you love to cherish.

Here are some great ideas to spur the brainstorm:

  • Sports memorabilia
  • Diamonds, jewelry, or specific valuables
  • Artwork
  • Watches
  • Photos
  • Your mascot costume from college
  • Wedding dress
  • Books
  • The globe that sits in your office
  • Journals or diaries
  • Surfboards
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles

It's about the little things!

Leaving specific gifts is a great way to designate specific assets to specific people. Whether you want to leave your jewelry to specific children, or make sure your prized collection goes to someone who shares your passion, a specific gift can help achieve that goal. 

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