Who should I nominate as a Guardian for my pets?

This Guardian will be responsible for caring for your pet, and covering any associated expenses, like food and veterinary care. It's important to select someone that you trust, who is willing and able to take on these responsibilities. 

Do they need to accept the role?

Yes, your nominated Guardian will have to accept their role. You're also able to nominate backup Guardians, just in case. We recommend having a discussion with those you are considering to make sure they understand the responsibilities and are willing to take on the role. 

Do all of my pets have the same Guardian?

Nope! You can name a different Guardian for each pet. You can also name backup Guardians in the event that the primary Guardian you name is unable or unwilling to serve the role.  

What if my pet isn't in my Will?

Your Will provides a default provision that lets your Executor to find another suitable individual or organization that can take custody of any pets not named in your Will. This includes any pets that you may get after creating your Will, and also applies if your appointed Guardians are unable or unwilling to take in your pets. 

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