Sharing Documents Terms and Disclaimers

Sharing documents allows you to designate individuals to receive access to view the estate planning documents created through your Trust & Will account. The individuals you share with will have access to view the documents and information, but not to make changes.

By sharing the documents, you authorize and consent to Trust & Will providing access to the documents and the information in your account. If your account includes documents for your spouse, this also includes the documents and information for your spouse in your account. This constitutes your consent to disclose Personal Information to third parties, as discussed in Trust & Will's Privacy Policy.

The individuals you share with may be able to retain, copy, save, or download some or all of the information you share. They may be able to redisclose that information without your knowledge or approval. You may revoke shared access through your account but that may not limit access to information already saved and may not prevent redisclosure of information already provided.
Your estate plan must be signed to be legally valid. The documents you share may not be legally enforceable copies and the signed, original documents are the most important version for you to keep safe and secure.

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