Shared Documents Terms & Disclaimers

You have been given view-only access to view documents created through Trust & Will. These documents are shared to provide you information about an estate plan, but the documents shared with you are not intended to be legally-enforceable copies.

Your access to these documents is not intended to create any legal rights, duties, or obligations. The individual who shared these documents may opt not to execute them or may opt to revoke, amend, or replace them such that the information shared with you is no longer current. You may not be informed of that decision.

Trust & Will is not responsible for the content of these documents, the decisions reflected in the documents, or the decision to share the documents or cease sharing these documents.

You should treat the information and documents shared with you as private and confidential information. You should not re-share, save, or use it for any purposes other than as discussed with the individual who shared it with you. Your access to these documents may be revoked or terminated at any time, with or without notice.

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