How to Use an Advisor Account to Assist Clients

How do financial advisors use Trust & Will?

Financial advisors can enhance their service offerings by utilizing Trust & Will for estate planning:

  • Bulk Purchase: Advisors can buy Estate Plans in bulk for their clients.
  • Referral Links: They can send a unique referral link to their clients.
  • Monitor Progress: Advisors can track their clients' progress on their Estate Plans.
  • Review Documents: They can review completed documents of their clients.
  • Personalized Dashboard: Advisors have access to a personalized dashboard where they can offer discounts and monitor client activities.

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Is there a fee for financial advisors to use Trust & Will?

No, there is no cost for financial advisors to use Trust & Will for their clients. This includes no sign-up fee, subscription fee, or referral fee. Additionally, no payment information is required to create a dashboard and refer clients.

Do advisors get compensated for using Trust & Will?

No, advisors do not receive compensation for using Trust & Will with their clients.

Can I have a team Advisor dashboard?

We offer flexible dashboard options to best suit your team's needs. An advisor team can create a single dashboard for the entire firm, which is often more practical for teams sharing books of business. Or, each advisor can set up a personalized dashboard tailored specifically to their own clients. Choose the approach that works best for your team!

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