How do I get started on Probate with Trust & Will?

All you need to do is complete our Probate Intake Form to get started. Choose your plan and get started here!

This should only take you about 20 minutes to complete - Just make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • Deceased info: Legal name, date of death, place of residence, place of death.
  • Family info: Spouse (if applicable), children (if applicable), parents, siblings, uncles/aunts, nieces/nephews
  • Will info: If the deceased has a Will, you'll need the following info: The date the Will was signed and legal names of the witnesses. You'll also need to acknowledge if any changes (also known as Codicils) to the Will have been made. If there is no Will, you'll state that there is no Will.
  • Assets info: You won't need to know the exact asset value at this point, just a rough estimate. This is needed to determine if any simplified procedures are available (small Estate procedures) and what the initial court fee will be.
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