Where can I find the Taxpayer Identification Number for my Trust?

Your Trust is designed to be a “Grantor Trust,” which is essentially ignored for tax purposes. Assets held in a Grantor Trust are still treated like the Trust creator owns them for tax purposes. That generally means there’s no difference in income tax reporting and everything is reported just as it was before the Grantor Trust was created. 

A Grantor Trust uses the social security number of the Trust creator as the Taxpayer Identification Number for the Trust. For a joint Trust, either spouse’s social security number can be used (though it’s best to be consistent and always use the same number.)

This information is intended as a reference only. It is not legal advice nor intended to cover every possible situation. Please consult an attorney if you have specific questions. Some details for funding your Trust may change over time. For example, if the Trustee changes, that would likely affect how you would title assets held in the Trust.

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