Who should I share my estate plan with?

Share an unsigned digital copy of your estate plan documents through your Trust & Will account. This promotes transparency and open communication, which can prevent misunderstandings and disputes later on. Most people share their estate plan with the people named the following roles in their estate plan: 

  • Beneficiaries
    Sharing your estate plan with beneficiaries promotes transparency, helping them understand your intentions for asset distribution and minimizing potential confusion. This transparency fosters trust, informed decision-making, and a smoother transition, ensuring your wishes are carried out respectfully and in line with your intentions.

  • Guardians
    Sharing your estate plan with guardians readies them emotionally, mentally, and practically. This fosters trust, empowers informed decisions, and ensures preparedness, promoting empathy, clear communication, and effective guardianship.

  • Trustees
    Sharing your estate plan with your trustee is essential for conveying your intentions regarding trust assets and management. This transparency empowers the trustee to administer the trust according to your wishes, fostering clarity, informed decisions, and effective asset management while minimizing the risk of misinterpretation or conflicts.

  • Executors
  • Sharing your estate plan with your executors ensures that your wishes regarding assets distribution and other matters are clearly understood, minimizing confusion or misinterpretation. This transparency streamlines the execution process and empowers your executor to make informed decisions, foster efficient communication, and bring about a respectful implementation of your instructions.
  • Health care agents
    Sharing your estate plan with your health care agents ensures they understand your medical preferences and can advocate for your care in alignment with your wishes. This transparency enables them to make informed decisions on your behalf, promoting effective communication and ensuring your healthcare choices are respected during times of incapacity.

  • Financial Advisors
    Sharing your estate plan with your financial advisor ensures they understand your estate planning decisions which gives them insight to better serve you and your estate now and allows them to help foster and support the distribution of your estate later. Your Financial Advisor will get access to additional views of the data entered in your estate planning documents.


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