Sign, Witness & Notarize: Make Your Documents Legally Binding After Completing Them Online

What do I do when I am done creating my Trust or Will on the website?

After completing your documents, the next step is to ensure they are legally valid by signing them and, where indicated, getting them notarized. The requirements for this process can vary by document and by state, but here's a general guideline to follow:

  1. Review the First Page of Each Document: We include specific instructions on the first page of each document that detail the signing requirements for your state. It's crucial to start here.
  2. Understand the Signature Requirements:
    • For HIPAA documents, only your signature is required.
    • For other key documents the typical requirements include your signature, two witnesses, and a notary public's seal. Note that the necessity for witnesses and a notary can vary, with Wills being optional in some states but highly recommended.
  3. Safekeeping: The final step is to store your documents in a secure location. Ensure that your loved ones are aware of this location, so they can access the documents when necessary. There is no need to file your Will with any court or government body, nor is there a need to send it back to us once it has been signed and notarized.

Next Steps After Signing

If you have a Trust, you will need to fund your Trust after signing your documents.

Learn more about how to finalize your documents after signing: How to Finalize and Manage Your Completed Documents

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