How does the Trust & Will Deed Transfer process work?

The process generally looks something like this:

1. First, you'll schedule a call with one of our Deed Specialists who will walk you through the process and submit all required paperwork. You'll receive the updated Deed via email within 15 business days.
2. Next, you'll sign and notarize the Deed. 
3. Once this is complete, you'll mail it back to the address provided in your Deed Packet.
4. After that, our team will review your Deed Packet and submit it for recording to your local county. Usually your Deed will be recorded within 6 months, although this varies by county as each has their own process.
5. Once the deed has been recorded, we’ll mail you the hard copy for your records!

You can learn more and get started on your Deed Transfer here! New York residents can learn more and get started here!

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