Using Deed Transfer Services

To leverage the full benefits and protections of a Trust, it’s essential to retitle real estate in the name of the Trust. This action ensures that the Trust owns the assets, allowing for a smoother transition of property to beneficiaries as outlined in the Trust agreement. Learn more about the general process for transferring real estate to a Trusts: Transferring Real Estate to Your Trust

We've partnered with two deed transfer services to make the process more convenient for you:

uDEED™ Deed Transfer Service

uDEED™ offers a comprehensive deed transfer service that includes expert support and guidance through the process of retitling your real estate into your Trust.

Cost: The service fee is $265 per deed, excluding local recording fees.

How to Get Started With uDEED™:

  1. Consultation: Once your Trust is signed and notarized, schedule a virtual consultation with uDEED™.
  2. Deed Preparation and Recording: uDEED™ will assist in obtaining a copy of the current deed, creating a new deed, and recording it on your behalf.

DIY Option with eForms®

For those preferring a hands-on approach, eForms® provides a DIY solution for deed creation and recording.

Cost: $55 per deed, excluding local recording fees.

How to Get Started with eForms®:

  1. Create a Quit Claim Deed: After notarizing your Trust, use eForms® to create a Quit Claim Deed.
  2. Record the New Deed: eForms® offers guidance on where and how to record your new deed.

More Resources

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Note: eForms and uDEED are affiliates. While Trust & Will receives a commission for every referral, we make no guarantee of products or services provided by eForms, uDEED, or any affiliate. Service cost doesn’t include recording fees.

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