How to Title Assets in the Name of Your Trust

Funding your trust is a critical step in the trust management process. It involves the transfer of assets to the trustee(s) of the trust. View, download, or print our comprehensive guide to funding your Trust for more information: Trust Funding Guide

Here's how you can properly title assets in the name of your trust:

  1. Identify the full legal name of the trustee(s).
  2. Use the proper format:
    • Transferring assets to a single Trustee:
      Use the format: "[Trustee's Full Legal Name], as Trustee of the [Full Name of the Trust]."
    • Transferring assets with multiple Trustees:
      Utilize the format: "[First Trustee's Full Legal Name] and [Second Trustee's Full Legal Name], as Trustees of the [Full Name of the Trust]."
  3. Ensure that the title of the asset (be it real estate, bank accounts, or investment accounts) reflects this exact wording.

This information is intended as a reference only. It is not legal advice nor intended to cover every possible situation. Please consult an attorney if you have specific questions. Some details for funding your Trust may change over time. For example, if the Trustee changes, that would likely affect how you would title assets held in the Trust.

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