How to Add a Testamentary Trust to Set Age Conditions for Beneficiaries

What is a Testamentary Trust?

A Testamentary Trust is a legal arrangement established by a person's Last Will and Testament. It specifies how and when assets will be distributed to named beneficiaries. This type of trust is commonly utilized by individuals with young children, allowing for the distribution of assets once the children reach a certain age, designated by you.

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Does Trust & Will Provide Testamentary Trusts?

Yes, Trust & Will includes testamentary trust provisions in our Will-based plans. By selecting age-based conditions for any of your distributions, a Testamentary Trust clause will be automatically added to your Last Will & Testament.

How to Add a Testamentary Trust to Your Will-Based Estate Plan

Adding age conditions to the distribution of assets integrates Testamentary Trust provisions into your Will. You can do this when you first set up your Plan or edit it later.

  1. While filling out the Estate Plan questionnaire, or editing the 'Distributions' section, you will be prompted about beneficiary distributions.
  2. Select either "at specific ages (up to three)" or "at a minimum age" to set conditions based on the beneficiary's age.
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