Accessing Legal Advice for Estate Planning

Are you lawyers or a law firm?

We are not lawyers, nor a law firm, and we are not a substitute for a lawyer or a law firm. We cannot give legal advice, guidance, or services. No attorney-client relationship is formed by any interactions with us and information provided to us is not protected by attorney-client privilege. Any FAQs or other information we provide is of general and educational nature, and is not intended to inform you of any rights or responsibilities that you may have.

We provide access to “fill-in” forms and software you use to create estate planning documents. Our software was built with input from incredibly talented lawyers and we strive to build the best software in the business to assist you.

Do I need a lawyer to create a will or trust?

Creating an estate plan, including wills or trusts, does not require hiring a lawyer. However, consulting a lawyer may be beneficial for complex issues or if you seek specific legal or tax advice tailored to your circumstances. We offer an Attorney Support service, in select states, designed to complement your estate planning efforts with legal support.




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