How to Update Your State Information After a Move

If you move to a different state from the one you selected when completing your Estate Plan documents, updating your state information is important due to the state-specific nature of some documents. 

How to Update Your State

  1. After logging in, click the Summary tab on the left side menu.
  2. Find the 'Basics' section.
  3. Click on your current state in the section.
  4. Choose the new state you have moved to or currently reside in from the provided list.
  5. Hit the Save & Continue button to apply the changes.

Reprinting and Re-signing Documents

Once you've updated your state information, it's necessary to reprint and sign your updated documents. This step ensures that all your Estate Plan documents are up-to-date and reflect your current state accurately.

Trust-Based Estate Plan Considerations

For those with a Trust-based Estate Plan, making this change is possible. Though updating your state for such plans isn't legally mandatory, maintaining current information is highly recommended for consistency and legal clarity.


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