Reviewing and Updating Your Completed Estate Plan Documents

Trust & Will simplifies the process of updating your completed Estate Plan documents, ensuring it reflects your current wishes and circumstances no matter how they may change or what life events may occur.

How to Make Changes to Your Completed Estate Plan Documents

  1. Log into your account: Use your credentials to access your Trust & Will account.
  2. Edit your documents: From the Summary page, find the section you wish to update, make the necessary changes, and save your edits.
  3. Reprint or reorder documents: To officially incorporate your updates, reprint or request re-shipping of your documents.

When To Update your Estate Plan 

Your Estate Plan needs to adapt to significant life changes or shifts in circumstances. Key moments that may necessitate a review and possible revision of your Estate Plan include:

Failing to update your Estate Plan could result in state laws overriding your wishes for the management and distribution of your estate.

How often should you review your Estate Plan?

It's wise to revisit your Estate Plan regularly, ideally every couple of years, or following any major life events such as births, deaths, marriages, or divorces. 

When you purchase your Estate Plan, you can make updates to your documents for a full year. After the first year, you can buy an additional year of updates as needed from the Profile & settings page.

What happens after updating your documents?

After making changes to your Estate Plan, these documents will need to be signed again to become effective. 

What should I do with my old documents?

Upon signing a new set of documents, any previous versions are revoked. To avoid confusion and ensure clarity about your current wishes, it's recommended to shred or destroy any old documents.


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