Understanding 'Last Will & Testament'

What is a 'Last Will & Testament'?

A 'Last Will & Testament', or simply 'Will', is an essential document in your Will-Based Estate Plan. It is a legal document that outlines your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets, care of any minor children upon your passing, and your wishes for funeral arrangements. This document will need to be signed and notarized to be legally binding.

What Your 'Last Will & Testament' Document Covers

  • Appointment of an Executor: Designates a trusted individual to manage your estate's affairs, ensuring your wishes are honored.
  • Guardianship for Minor Children or Pets: Name a guardian to take care of your children (or pets), providing peace of mind about their well-being.
  • Final Arrangements: Specifies your wishes for funeral arrangements and the handling of your remains, ensuring your preferences are respected.
  • Specific Gifts: Allows you to leave specific items or amounts to friends, family, or others, as a final gesture of affection.
  • Charitable Donations: Offers the chance to contribute to a cause important to you, leaving a lasting legacy.

State-Specific Considerations

Laws vary by state regarding estate distribution with or without a Will. Our software is designed with flexibility to adhere to the unique estate planning laws of the states where we operate. We collaborate with legal experts to ensure our documents meet state-specific requirements based on the state you reside in.

How do I create a 'Last Will & Testament'?

When you purchase an Estate Plan, we create a 'Last Will & Testament' document from the information you provide to us in the questionnaire.

How to Access Your 'Last Will & Testament' Document

You can view, download, or print your Will directly from the Estate Plan tab:

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 6.54.16 PM.png

How to Edit Your 'Last Will & Testament' Document

While you cannot directly modify the final 'Last Will & Testament' document that you see in the Estate Plan tab in your account, you can make changes to the specific sections that need to be updated via the Summary tab. These adjustments will then be reflected in your 'Last Will & Testament'.

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