Limits on Editing or Customizing Your PDF Documents

Can I add custom conditions or edit the language in the PDF version of my Estate Plan documents?

No, custom conditions, provisions, or stipulations cannot be added to your Estate Plan documents. The system is designed to use standard provisions that ensure your documents are compliant and effective without the need for customization.

Is it recommended to edit the language within the documents?

No, editing the language within your Estate Plan documents is not recommended. The documents are structured to function like a puzzle, where each piece plays a critical role. Altering any part of this structure by adding, removing, or editing the language can lead to unintended consequences that might affect the document's validity or your estate planning intentions.

How can I delete or add information to the forms?

You can edit any of the information you provided in the questionnaire. This will then populate changes in the PDF documents. Review our guide: How to Edit Your Estate Plan

However, direct modifications, such as deleting or adding language within the forms, are not supported within the system due to the standardized nature of the provisions. These provisions are designed to be comprehensive and suitable for most estate planning needs without the need for alteration.

What if I must edit the documents?

If amendments are necessary, it is advisable to consult with an attorney. An attorney can legally make adjustments to your Estate Plan documents, ensuring that any changes comply with legal standards and reflect your specific wishes accurately.


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