Understanding 'Revocable Living Trust'

What is a Revocable Living Trust?

A Revocable Living Trust, also known as a "Living Trust" or "Revocable Trust," is a flexible estate planning tool allowing you to manage your assets both during your lifetime and after your death. This is the type of trust we offer in the Trust-Based Estate Plan.

Irrevocable Trusts are fairly uncommon, and not typically used in most types of estate planning. Many people tend to think of an Irrevocable Trust, but are really looking for a Revocable Trust—Revocable Trusts account for about 95% of trusts created.

What is the 'Revocable Living Trust' document?

The 'Revocable Living Trust' document is the central hub of your Trust-Based Estate Plan with provisions for the management, control, and distribution of your assets during life and after death.

This document will require signatures from you and your witnesses and will need to be notarized.

How do I create a 'Revocable Living Trust' document?

When you purchase an Estate Plan, we create a 'Revocable Living Trust' document from the information you provide to us in the questionnaire.

How to Access Your 'Revocable Living Trust' Document

You can view, download, or print your 'Revocable Living Trust' directly from the Estate Plan tab:

How to Edit Your 'Revocable Living Trust' Document

While you cannot directly modify the final 'Revocable Living Trust' document that you see in the Estate Plan tab in your account, you can make changes to the specific sections that need to be updated via the Summary tab. These adjustments will then be reflected in your 'Revocable Living Trust'.

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