How to Upload Files to Your Account

When would I upload other documents or files to my account?

If there are other documents you would like to have available in digital form to share with your loved ones, you can upload them to your Trust & Will account using our. This is completely optional.

Some examples of the types of documents you may want to include:

  • deeds
  • vehicle titles
  • family IDs
  • bank statements
  • insurance policies

Each uploaded document can be up to 25MB per file and your Uploads can have a grand total of 5GB of files stored. 

Note: Documents uploaded will not  be included in your shipped Estate Plan documents. 

How to Upload Documents to Your Account

  1. Click Uploads from the left-side menu
  2. Click the + Add file button
  3. Upload or drag and drop your document. We only accept file types PNG, JPG, or PDF.
  4. Enter the file name and type (Family IDs, Financial Accounts, Property, or Insurance). If it is associated with an asset already added to your Estate Plan, you may optionally select it.
  5. Click Upload
  6. Once your document is uploaded, you can view the document in your 'Uploaded files' section of your Uploads page. Click on the file name to review the file.

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