How to Create an Email Template for Referring Clients to Trust & Will in Wealthbox

You can create a Trust & Will email template within Wealthbox to easily kick off the estate planning process for your clients. Just  take the following steps: 

  1. Enable Wealthbox Mail. (Instructions can be found here.
  2. Add a new template in Wealthbox. (More instructions linked here.
  3. We recommend the following Name, Subject, and Template Content: 
    - Name: Trust & Will Referral
    - Subject: Trust & Will - An estate planning resource for you
     -Template Content: 

{{Contact.FirstName}} {{Contact.LastName}}, 

An Estate Plan is an extremely important part of a solid financial plan — protecting your loved ones and assets. Trust &  Will is an online platform that offers state specific estate plans. All their documents are designed by attorney’s and they  offer live customer support to help you along the way. 

Just click this link to get started. Most clients complete everything in about 30 minutes.” 

  1. Make sure your unique Trust & Will referral link is hyperlinked in your Template Content. Using this link will automatically  prompt your client to share their Estate Plan with you once it’s been created.


You’re good to go - You can now easily send your Trust & Will referral link to your clients from Wealthbox!

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